Local SEO Tips For Franchises By Tom Johnston

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There are a couple of companies offering SEO services out there. One most notable one is Tom Johnston SEO services which can be found on the internet site tom-johnston.com. The scope covered by SEO is quite broad, and Tom will help you get more customers from Google by tackling all the necessary components of SEO. Tom has a few videos that explain the whole concept of SEO to customers while giving them a few strategies that should be integrated into any online marketing campaign.

Approaching Tom, you have the option of getting a free video review of your website. This study will analyze your site and point out the deficiencies that are derailing it. All you are required to do is to fill out a form that prompts you to input your name, website, email address and the products you deal with.

With a host of SEO companies out there, why should you choose Tom Johnston? There are several benefits seen from choosing the services of Tom Johnston. One of them is that you are not tied down to his services at all. No one will ask you to sign long term contracts, and your engagement with Tom is purely based on your satisfaction. As long as you are happy with the results being delivered, Tom will continue growing your business.

SEO is a gradual process that needs constant and timely evaluation. Tom Johnston’s services will give you a monthly report on your sites rankings for the specified search words. This will show you the progress being made on your website. You will also get regular reports on the number of people who visited your site during a specified amount of time and see how they interacted with your site.

Tom Johnston works with all kinds of businesses. His services are useful to the small establishments and the huge ones as well. Tom is very experienced in SEO as he has worked with all kinds of business including franchises and national sites with over 2000 locations. This professional experience says a lot for the services at stake and you are guaranteed of good rankings by selecting Tom Johnston SEO.

Tom has categorized his SEO services into three, and this helps you decide the kinds of services that are suitable for your business. The first category is the national SEO which is ideal for entrepreneurs who would like their businesses to rank well generally and not in a specified geographical location. This applies to firms that serve the whole country from specific points.

The second category is the Local SEO which suits small business owners who want to be seen for their products and services for a specified area, say a state or a particular city. These services are the most common ones since business people largely target people within their locale.

The last one is the Franchise SEO which serves firms with different branches that all need marketing based on the areas they are located. This is a combination of both Local and National SEO.
The services offered by Tom Johnston have been proved and are reliable. Contact Tom Johnston whenever you need SEO services and see your customer base increase within a short time.