MHi Pros is a licensed contractor, certified distributor, custom fabricator and integrator of industry leading brands of material handling, fall protection, and access solution products.

Our services provided are full scope including, but not limited to, equipment supply, installation, engineering, and permitting with a specialization in engineered solutions. With its competitive pricing and vast network of industry partners MHi Pros can successfully work with companies of all sizes from local mom & pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. Our ingenuity delivers superior solutions every time. Our commitment is to provide consistent value to our customers, employees, suppliers and partners beyond what they expect. This has led to our current reputation as a reliable source for engineered solutions at a competitive price.

Our core skill sets are:
1. Design & Engineering
2. Manufactured Equipment Supplier
3. Fabrication & Modification
4. Installation
5. Inspection & Service
6. Operator & Safety Training

  1. Design & Engineering

All MHi Pros’ solutions are designed and engineered by a Licensed Professional Engineer. We use the latest software and technology to design our Material Handling & Fall Protection solutions. Once your order is placed we will generate an ‘Approval To Build Drawing’ (typically within 5 days) for your review.
Each component that we use meets or exceeds the latest requirements of CMAA, HMI, NEC, ANSI & OSHA. When applicable, solutions are completely assembled, wired and tested prior to shipment. All fabricated runways are designed to AISC specifications.
Additional services includes detailed stamped system drawings with structural calculations, submittal package consisting of (3) copies for city plan check review, anchorage analysis by Licensed PE, review of connection design and connection to existing structure.

2. Manufactured Equipment Supplier

  • CraneWerks
  • Gorbel
  • Spanco
  • LOBO
  • XSPlatforms
  • Rigid Lifeline
  • Capital Safety
  • Leading Edge SAFETY
  • Fall Tech
  • Guardian Fall Protection
  • Harrington Hoists
  • R&M Materials Handling
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Chester, Shaw-Box, YALE
  • Caldwell

3. Fabrication & Modification

Our team of qualified integrators and certified AWS welders has allowed us to ability answer “yes” when our customers have requested unique specifications to met for their application.
We are proud to provide solutions that can be customized to your needs. From the initial design process to installation, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure a quality outcome for the project.

4. International Installation

Our nationwide installations service covers both the products we manufacture as well as other manufacturers’ material handling and fall protection solutions. Our team comes early and stays late to get installation completed in the shortest time possible, minimizing the impact to production. Safe installation is our primary goal and you can count on our team arriving with the latest personal safety equipment and well maintained and inspected installation tools and equipment. We can provide installations during holiday and plant shut down times.

Our experienced rigging staff prides itself in the safe removal and installation of any size industrial crane or hoist. Tricky installations including low headroom, hazardous environments, and confined areas are not a problem. We will develop innovative ways to work around your production schedules. Some companies can’t afford to be down for a full day let alone multiple days for an installation. We will install your system during whatever down time you have available.

Jib Crane Mexico

5. Inspection & Service

We have a wide variety of crane and hoist inspection options to meet your individual needs. Whether it is a basic frequent or periodic inspection or a complete inspection and preventative maintenance program; Our experienced inspection team to get the job done.

We will:
• Fully inspect and test your equipment to OSHA regulations, ANSI/ASME and ASTM Standards.
• Prepare a written report on the condition of each unit.
• If appropriate, provide a list of recommended repairs.
• Examine, inspect and test: hoists, trolleys, brakes, sheaves, drums, wheels, bearings, hoist cable or chain for kinking, crushing, cutting, or corrosion, insure that the hoist reeving is correct, Inspect the end stops, bumpers, and rail sweeps, Inspect the collector shoes, brushes, and wheels for signs of arcing and wear, the external motor couplings and wiring for wear and deterioration, visually check the electrical control enclosures for loose connections, check the hoist, trolley, and crane control units for proper operation, examine hooks for wear, bends, and cracks. Insure that the safety devices are not missing, Inspect and test the safety devices such as lights, horn, and limit switches.

6. Operator & Safety Training

Classes include:
Top running and Under hung Cranes, Monorails, Electric, Pneumatic, Hand Chain and Lever Hoists are discussed in every detail. Students will gain competence in evaluating deficiencies and spotting safety related items, while learning to interpret Federal Regulations, National Standards and Crane and Hoist Specifications.
Participants will receive a 280- page workbook filled with photos, charts and references to relevant standards for every inspection item discussed. All attendees will receive a Course Completion Certificate.