The Accolift and Accolift CLH models are available in low headroom configurations. The headroom refers to the base of the hook to the part of the beam/track where the hoist attaches. Close headroom hoists accommodate low headroom applications as well as building restrictions within the industrial world. Available in 1 & 2 ton models (clutch hoist | CLH) or 3 & 5 ton models (mechanical load brake | MLB), depending on the capacity needed, we can design a low head room hoist suitable for your specific application.

Equipped with the same features as the traditional Accolift hoists, the Accolift Low Headroom Hoists come standard with the following features:

  • Hoist Motor Brake is conical ( 1 & 2 ton models)
  • DC Brake (3 & 5 ton models)
  • Friction Clutch and Upper Limit Switch (1T & 2T models)
  • Weston Style Mechanical Load Brake (3T & 5T models)
  • Push Button Controls
  • Electric Control Panel Available with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Heavy-Duty Hoist Motor rated for 30-minute duty
  • Load Sheave / Chain Guide
  • Grade 80 load chain
  • Forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch
  • Chain Container
  • Gearbox with alloy steel helical and spur gear reduction

ACCOLIFT® LOW HEADROOM Electric Chain Hoists are available with options:

  • Additional Lift
  • Nickel Plated Load Chain
  • Rain Covers for Hoist and Control Enclosure
  • 48V Control Voltage
  • Additional Pendant Buttons