Gantry Cranes

Designed for everyday use, gantry cranes are recommended for production, installation, and maintenance service where portability is required.  Depending on the capacity, the gantry is equipped with phenolic, poly coated, or forged steel heavy duty swivel casters. All caster types feature roller bearings for ease of movement and grease fittings are included for ease of maintenance. ‘V’ Groove and flanged wheels are also available upon request.


  • Capacities: up to 3 tons
  • Adjustable Height Under I-beam: up to 12’ 4″
  • Adjustable Spans: up to 20’ on 1-ton models and 15′ on 2 and 3-ton models

Starting as light as 116 pounds, Aluminum Gantry Cranes are lightweight, portable, and extremely stable under load.


  • Steel Adjustable Height
    • Capacities: up to 10 tons
    • Height Under Beam: up to 16′
    • Span Length: up to 40′
  • Steel Fixed Height
    • Capacities: up to 10 tons
    • Height Under Beam: up to 16′
    • Span Length: 40′

Steel Gantry Cranes are portable, lightweight, and affordable lifting solutions with sturdy A-frame designs.


Safe and efficient, our motorized gantry cranes are perfect to service a large area at a high capacity. Single and double leg gantry cranes are available in several capacities, sizes, and power drive types.



  • Capacities up to 15+ ton 
  • Standard Span lengths up to 40+ feet
  • Standard Heights up to 30+ feet
  • Custom heights and spans available



  • Customizable Heights and Spans
  • Perfect solution when building is not suited to support jib/bridge cranes
  • Economical motorized solution when high capacity and greater area coverage is required
  • Great for a rented space; can be relocated in the future
  • No Foundation Requirement
  • Track required on ONE side only
  • VFD Control comes standard