Industrial winches are mechanical devices used to pull a heavy load, typically horizontally. They are used to pull in, let out, or otherwise adjust the tension of a rope or cable. Simple designs consist of a rope or cable wound around a drum or barrel. The drum rotates in a horizontal axis and may be powered by steam, a hydraulic motor, or an electric motor. Industrial winches are designed to move heavy loads and come in a variety of configurations. Most winch drums are made of fabricated steel and designed for a specific loading capacity.


Manual, heavy-duty hand winches, portable hand winches and crank winches help you work more
quickly and efficiently. Worm gear and spur gear hand winches are designed to perform better and
last longer no matter what your application. From construction to maritime to manufacturing and
more, our hand winches are built tough to meet the demands of the job in any environment.


Heavy duty electric winches are built to travel long distances, accommodate faster line speeds, and
give you the ultimate control. Electric winches can lift, pull or position up to 100,000 lb. Secure load
control, reduce maintenance, position accurately and run a dependable operation with mighty
features like welded steel drums, flange-style roller bearings, extended solid steel drum shafts, load
holding motor disc brakes, direct drive gear reducers and more.
Available in permanent and portable mounting types.