Mobile Overhead Rigid Track

Engineered Mobile Overhead Rigid Track Fall Arrest

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Mobile overhead rigid track fall arrest systems protect workers at height in various industries indoors or outdoors. Depending upon the needs of your application, we will design, locally source, install and maintain your mobile overhead rigid track fall protection system. Our standard mobile fall arrest systems are cut to size and will most often work within the application’s needed support spans. If not, we have developed a process to ensure that the customization of your mobile fall protection system meets your specific application and facility needs. Mobile fall arrest systems are critical for workers who are regularly exposed to fall hazards. All of our mobile systems meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements so you can rest assured that our systems will protect your most valuable asset: your employees. Explore the different systems below to learn more about how MHi Pros can design a mobile fall arrest solution to meet your requirements.

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Mobile Overhead Rigid Track Fall Arrest Solutions

Portable Base Swing Arm

Portable Base Swing Arm Overhead Fall Arrest Track System provides fall protection that is ideal for tight, narrow spaces. This system provides 360-degree mobile protection for locations indoors or outdoors. Depending on the system size, the portable base weighs between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds. Larger systems may require up to three stackable portable bases. Moveable by forklift, the standard system weights are between 2,500 and 29,000 pounds.

Cantilevered Mobile Overhead Fall Arrest Track System

Rigid Lifelines® Griffin™ Anchor Track™ System provides rigid track fall protection with coverage of up to 30 degrees off center. We offer two different models of the Griffin system: skidded and wheeled. The skidded system can be moved with a large forklift, and the wheeled system can be moved with a heavy-duty pickup truck. With typical overall weights of approximately 15,000 pounds, the entire system can be leveled using the provided leveling jack plates. Frequently used in exposed outdoor locations, the trolley effortlessly follows users’ movements as they traverse tops of vehicles and other large equipment.

Mobile Fixed Height Rolling A Frame Fall Arrest System

Rolling A-Frame Track System is the ultimate in mobility for fall protection systems. Simply roll the system into position and lock into place. Perfect for maintenance and manufacturing applications, this system provides coverage to virtually every area of your plant. Its mobility saves space, time, and money by eliminating the need to install fall protection equipment around temporary work stations. This system is also available as a custom engineered solution for your facility.