A monorail system consists of a single straight or curved I beam supported at each end (middle supports may be necessary depending on size) with a trolley and hoist to travel back and forth for material handling. Monorail systems are used to aid in material handling were x,y,z movement like that in a bridge crane is not needed. Most commonly used over a row of machines, in hallways or passages, through paint booths, or to assist in truck loading. Monorail systems are available with festooning packages to keep the air hose or power cord out of the way of the load and user.

Ceiling mounted systems are available with drop or flush mount hangers. Floor mounted systems are available in both ‘A’ frame, ‘H’ frame, or ‘Inverted-L’ supports.


  • Capacities: Up to 10 ton+
  • Mounting designs to attach to various ceiling beam sizes and pitches

I-beam and Enclosed track versions available based on application and capacity.  To be used with motorized or manual hoists & trolleys.


Floor mounted systems are available in both ‘A’ frame, ‘H’ frame, or ‘Inverted-L’ supports.  Column placement, height and size is fully customizable to meet each facility and operation’s requirements.
Certain designs and capacities of freestanding monorails can be mounted to existing concrete floors.