Guard & Safety Railing

When it comes to preventing passive falls, guardrails are the bread and butter of open rooftops. They’re an essential component for any permanent roof that has potential fall hazards and are often the last line of defense. 

Guardrails can come in various configurations and styles, and they may include additional components like walkways, toe-boards, mats and warning systems. 

Roof guardrail systems include the internal and external roof mount guardrail as well as metal, surface mount and non-penetrating guardrails. Non-penetrating guardrails offer a free-standing solution that is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Finally, surface mount guardrails provide stability for sloped rooftops, high winds, ice and snow.

  • Material Types:  Steel, Aluminum
  • Mounting Types: Non-penetrating counterweighted, permanently anchored, parapet mounted