Work Station Cranes

Workstation cranes are a great solution for applications with less than a 2 ton capacity or 35′ bridge span. These industrial crane consist of a moving bridge that runs across parallel runways. On the bridge, there is commonly attached a hoist or other lifting devices such as a manipulator or intelligent lifting device that travels across the bridge. Workstation cranes can be motorized in all directions if needed.

  • Spanco Alu-Track® is made from lightweight aluminum enclosed track to provide super-responsive crane performance.
    • The entire length of the top side of the track accepts hangers. The aluminum tracks are easily and precisely aligned.
    • The internally tapered track self-centers trolleys and end trucks, so rolling movement is smooth, quiet, and highly ergonomic.
    Spanco Alu-Track® systems are suitable for:
    • Clean environments
    • Refrigerated areas, including food packaging applications
    • Moisture-laden environments
    • Acidic environments (but not for base/alkaline)
    • R&D labs
    • Wherever lightweight, durable enclosed track is required
    Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes provide unlimited lifting coverage without sacrificing floor space or obstructing work areas. Our Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes eliminate the need for steel supports, making them a cost effective and ergonomic material handling solution. Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes make the most of your existing building and production floor space. These systems:  
    • Hang from existing building beams or trusses
    • Require no system support columns, no attachments to building columns, and no production floor space
    • Allow you to readily expand runway lengths and the number of bridges, and add transitions to monorail crane systems
  • LOOKING TO STREAMLINE YOUR MANUFACTURING PROCESS? Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes are the perfect ergonomic solution for extending lifting coverage and providing full access of movement. Our Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes can replace multiple cranes with one fluid system for improved efficiency and productivity.   Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes provide highly-effective cost-efficient lifting and moving solutions, especially when:  
    • You need overhead crane coverage for a large area––up to 40-feet wide and with unlimited length. With interconnected parallel systems, you can cover your entire building
    • You rent or lease your building. Our bolt-together freestanding systems can be readily relocated, either within your plant or in an entirely new location
    • You want to be able to easily expand or modify your overhead crane system
    • Your roof support is inadequate for a Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Bridge Crane. Typically, a standard six-inch thick reinforced concrete floor is all that’s needed for our freestanding workstation bridge cranes for non-seismic applications
  • Spanco Headerless Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails are high-quality ergonomic material handling solutions, especially when you need a system in your garage, barn, or shop:
    • To move equipment and parts on a vehicle, such as an engine, a body of a race car, or a chassis for restoration.
    • To work on outdoor equipment, such as a motorcycle, boat, tractor, snowmobile, golf cart, or four-wheeler.
    • To lift anything up to 1,000 pounds safely by yourself.


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