• Plain or trussed track
  • Stainless steel track
  • Aluminum track
  • Side-mount track
  • Curved track accommodates almost any degree curve
  • Any color paint, epoxy coatings, or galvanized finish
  • Single track, dual track, or multiple tracks
  • Mylar® lip seal for heavy dust or paint overspray applications
  • Intermediate bumpers can be installed to designate multiple work areas on a single section of track


  • Enclosed, rigid track protects the trolley from weather, dirt, dust, and any other environmental factors that may be present in your facility
  • Anchor Trolley™ comes standard on 500 and 600 series carbon steel tracks
  • Three track sizes are available for carbon steel and stainless steel: 500, 600, and 700 series
  • Aluminum track is available in 306-series track
  • The internally tapered track self-centers trolleys and end trucks, so rolling movement is smooth, quiet, and highly ergonomic
  • Intermediate bumpers can be used to limit trolley travel between the factory-installed end stops for any reason


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