Fast Track Guardrail System

The Fast Track Guardrail System offers a comprehensive solution for guardrail installation on concrete decking, combining functionality, safety, and durability. It is engineered to provide peace of mind while adhering to industry standards and requirements.

The Fast Track Guardrail System boasts an anti-slip grip, allowing for secure handling and maneuvering during installation. With its quick adjust handle, achieving the desired configuration becomes effortless, providing convenience and efficiency.

To ensure absolute system integrity, a back-up safety pin is integrated into the design, meeting and surpassing compliance with all relevant OSHA regulations. This additional safety measure enhances the reliability and effectiveness of the guardrail system.

With its robust construction, the Fast Track Guardrail System showcases exceptional durability, making it highly resistant to corrosion and damage. This ruggedness guarantees its longevity and reliability, ensuring that it can withstand demanding environments.


Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy, steel construction with a protective powder coating
  • Conforms to the curvature of all building edges
  • Suitable for various concrete slab types and sizes
  • Effortlessly portable to accommodate progressing work
  • Compatible with flat, overhang, and parapet roofs
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and damage
  • Supports compatibility with cable and snap-on metal rails
  • Equipped with a reliable backup safety system
  • Eliminates the hassle of tangled ropes
  • Optimal solution for guardrail installation on concrete decking
  • Meets and surpasses OSHA regulations


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