Freestanding Monorail

The Freestanding Monorail System offers reliable fall protection for workers accessing the tops of vehicles, railcars, and structures. Custom cantilevers or support structures provide an easy and secure solution for ensuring worker safety at height, especially in the transportation industry. With a freestanding column and header frame, the system is designed for stability and supports one to four workers. It features a quick and simple bolt-together assembly without welding, and the enclosed track design ensures smooth and quiet trolley travel while reducing dirt or dust interference. Meeting or exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards, this system provides peace of mind and safety for workers in elevated work environments


Highlighted Features:

  • Fall protection for workers accessing vehicles, railcars, and structures.
  • Customizable cantilevers or support structures for ease of use.
  • Designed to withstand up to 310 pounds (custom systems available for heavier workers).
  • Freestanding column and header frame for stability.
  • Standard trolley-hook height of 22 feet (custom heights available).
  • Spans up to 50 feet with concrete foundations.
  • Quick and simple field assembly with bolt-together components.
  • Enclosed track design for smooth and quiet trolley travel.
  • Supports one to four workers (higher capacities available upon request).
  • Options for custom heights, spans, cantilever design, and support structures.


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