Lift Tables

Elevate workplace efficiency and ergonomics with a versatile selection of Lift Tables, ideal for a range of industrial and commercial applications. These tables are essential for safely positioning loads at optimal heights for packaging, assembly, and interfacing with machinery. From standard models that cater to the bulk of lift table needs with customizable features for specific requirements, to specialized versions like rotating and low-profile lift tables designed for unique operational challenges, the range covers a wide spectrum of functionalities.

Mobile lift tables, available in both powered and non-powered configurations, provide flexibility and ease of movement essential for dynamic environments. Electric-hydraulic models handle heavier tasks such as die handling with robust power, while manual versions offer economical solutions for lighter duties. For environments requiring stringent cleanliness, stainless steel lift tables are ideal, designed to meet the hygiene standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries.



Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable heights and platform widths accommodate diverse tasks and environments.
  • Optional features like tapered toe guards, caster frame assemblies, and stainless steel constructions.
  • Complies with recognized safety standards, ensuring reliable and safe operation across all models.
  • Tilting and multi-stage options enhance functionality, allowing for precise parts handling.
  • Ground entry designs provide direct platform access from the ground level, ideal for environments where ramps are impractical or pose a safety risk.


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