Spanco PF-Series Gantry Cranes offer high capacity, high height, long span, and economical lifting solutions.

These strong, portal frame (PF) cranes can be ideal if:

  • Your building can’t support freestanding cranes or ceiling-mounted cranes; PF-Gantry Cranes are self-supporting and travel directly on the floor
  • Your lifting volume is moderate and can’t justify more expensive, permanently installed cranes
  • You need an economical, versatile lifting system to supplement your existing overhead cranes
  • You rent your facility; these gantries can be relocated in the future
  • Your plant has been “making do” with multiple forklifts; coordinating too many lifts, especially on heavy or very long loads, is unsafe, inefficient, and time consuming
  • Can’t fit a double leg PF crane into your plant due to narrow bays or crowded machinery? Check out our Spanco Single Leg Gantry Cranes.

*For custom designs above and beyond the listed limitations, contact Spanco.


  • Capacities: up to 15 tons
  • Height under Beam, standard: up to 35’
  • Standard Spans: up to 40’
  • Custom Spans: up to 50’

Our PF-Series Gantry Cranes can achieve high-volume and high-capacity travel along various paths, such as V-groove tracks, guide angles, crane rail, or even trackless routes, with the help of Spanco Power Drive Kits.


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