Safety Cart

On Top Safety’s All-In-One system consists of a 4-man safety tie-off cart with built-in shock packs and a complete fall protection guardrail system that includes 400 linear feet of cables. The entire guardrail system fits into the safety cart’s storage, increasing mobility at any construction site. With both a safety tie-off cart and guardrail system, workers are secured to OSHA standards for any application of roof work. This is the only All-In-One system on the market containing a safety tie-off cart, built-in shock packs and a self-contained guardrail system.


  • Fast Track Guardrail Fall Protection System
    • Our guardrail system includes 400 linear feet of cable and has the quickest set up time on the market.
    • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall prevention
  • Eagle Claw Safety Tie-Off Cart
    • 4 Man Tie Off: 2 Fall Arrest and 2 Fall Restraint
    • Patented, built-in shock pack technology


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