• The Ballasted Guardrail System is an unparalleled solution offering exceptional passive safety for both membrane and built-up roof systems. Engineered with precision, this system boasts a plastic-coated steel weighted base that rests gently on the roofing membrane, creating a fully freestanding structure that complies with OSHA standards. Experience the pinnacle of protection for your roof, safeguarding both workers and roofing systems alike. Invest in the Ballasted Guardrail System for unmatched passive safety and peace of mind. Elevate your rooftop safety measures with the modular aluminum guardrail system, renowned for its industry-leading fall protection on hazardous work sites. Its versatile design allows for infinite configurations, complemented by a sleek aesthetic appeal. With a robotically welded rail system, this guardrail can withstand any weather condition, surpassing ANSI and OSHA regulations to provide maximum protection.
  • This self-supporting protective counterweight railing system for roof edges guarantees the safety of individuals without compromising the integrity of the roof covering. This solution serves as a shield against potential dangers, providing an exceptional rooftop guardrail option. By design, this autonomous safety railing system avoids direct penetration into the roof membrane, ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations. Its unwavering presence establishes a dependable and enduring barrier, assuring the security of personnel while working near the roof's edge, regardless of the type of flat roof. Versatility lies at the heart of this counterweight system, as it caters to various roof configurations. Whether a parapet acts as a boundary or the rooftop remains open around its perimeter, this guardrail solution can be tailored accordingly. Its adaptability extends beyond new constructions, making it suitable for retrofitting older buildings as well.
  • The Fast Track Guardrail System offers a comprehensive solution for guardrail installation on concrete decking, combining functionality, safety, and durability. It is engineered to provide peace of mind while adhering to industry standards and requirements. The Fast Track Guardrail System boasts an anti-slip grip, allowing for secure handling and maneuvering during installation. With its quick adjust handle, achieving the desired configuration becomes effortless, providing convenience and efficiency. To ensure absolute system integrity, a back-up safety pin is integrated into the design, meeting and surpassing compliance with all relevant OSHA regulations. This additional safety measure enhances the reliability and effectiveness of the guardrail system. With its robust construction, the Fast Track Guardrail System showcases exceptional durability, making it highly resistant to corrosion and damage. This ruggedness guarantees its longevity and reliability, ensuring that it can withstand demanding environments.
  • Enhance your space with our premium bolt-on aluminum railings. Crafted with precision and quality, these railings offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Designed for easy installation, our bolt-on aluminum railings provide a seamless addition to any setting. Constructed from durable aluminum, these railings are built to withstand the test of time. The bolt-on design ensures a secure and reliable attachment, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the safety of those around you. With their sleek and modern look, our aluminum railings effortlessly complement any architectural style. Available in a variety of finishes, you can customize the railings to suit your taste and match your existing decor. Experience the perfect combination of durability, style, and ease of installation with our bolt-on aluminum railings. Upgrade your space and create a stunning environment that will impress for years to come.
  • The Parapet Clamp Guardrail system offers both affordability and simplicity in its design and operation. While it is frequently underestimated, guardrails and warning lines play a crucial role in ensuring worker safety by effectively obstructing their exposure to potential fall hazards. With the Parapet Clamp Guardrail, each clamp is thoughtfully equipped with a matching guardrail post that seamlessly accommodates 2×4” boards. This compatibility enhances the system's versatility and ease of use. It allows for a secure and reliable installation, providing a sturdy barrier for workers at height. The innovative design of the guardrail post and clamp combination facilitates the swift and efficient assembly of the entire system. What sets the Parapet Clamp Guardrail apart is its convenience during installation. Thanks to its user-friendly design, one person can easily set up the system, often without the need for additional assistance, ladders, or scaffolding. This not only saves time but also eliminates the hassle associated with acquiring and maneuvering such equipment. The simplicity of the installation process ensures that workers can swiftly implement the necessary fall protection measures, enhancing their productivity and promoting a safe working environment.
  • The Aluminum Roof Hatch Guardrail System, is meticulously crafted to fulfill OSHA guidelines for secure access through rooftop openings. This exceptional railing system offers a reliable and permanent fall protection solution specifically tailored for hatch openings. With a range of sizes available, it effortlessly adapts to most existing hatches or can be swiftly installed from scratch. One of its standout features is the unique clamping system, revolutionizing the installation process by removing the need to drill holes into the hatch or roof surface, thus safeguarding your roof warranty. This innovative design ensures a seamless and hassle-free installation, accomplished within minutes using basic tools. No specialized training or certification is required to properly set up this system, making it accessible and user-friendly for all.
  • The Slab Grabber, is an ideal choice for effortless installation of guardrail systems on concrete decking. This thoughtfully engineered system comes equipped with essential features such as an anti-slip grip, a quick adjust handle, and a back-up safety pin, guaranteeing utmost system integrity and surpassing compliance with relevant OSHA regulations. Installing the Slab Grabber is a breeze, offering a fast and hassle-free experience. It seamlessly works with 2×4” and 2×6” boards, as well as cable, ensuring compatibility with various materials. Its robust construction adds a layer of resilience, rendering it highly resistant to both corrosion and damage.
  • The Temporary Weighted Base Guardrail is designed exclusively for Fall Prevention applications. Fall Prevention Systems are strategically positioned along exposed edges to ensure workers are protected from falls and can serve as an alternative to Fall Protection or safety netting systems. It is crucial to note that Fall Prevention Systems should never be used for Personal Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Climbing, Rescue, or any other systems. When installing this guardrail, it should be placed perpendicular to create a continuous run. To ensure system stability, outriggers must always be used at both ends of any interruption in the Guardrail System, as well as at both ends of a continuous Guardrail System. This additional precaution enhances the overall effectiveness and safety of the guardrail setup.


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