Concrete Paver Lifter Tool

Lifting tons of concrete pavers across a worksite is an extremely demanding task. You’ll be lucky to just be sore the next day. Fatigue quickly builds up after lifting numerous pavers, which can lead to less careful movements and muscle strains from the lower back, arms, legs and neck. A serious strain can put a worker out for several weeks to fully recover, with the potential for reinjury to occur if you’re not careful.


Your team can easily transport 24” x 24” concrete pavers across a worksite by using our concrete paver lifter. By redistributing the weight to a lighter load, teams of two can quickly move pavers with a significantly lower risk of injury. With the help of the lifter’s clamping mechanism, injuries to the hands and fingers are also minimized. Additionally, we can make custom paver lifters to adjust to a variety of paver sizes.


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