• Tripod Capacities: 1 or 2 tons
  • Height (to eyebolt): from 5’ 2” to 13’ 9”
  • Tripod Construction: steel or aluminum

Spanco tripod cranes can be used on all hard surfaces using our standard aluminum flat feet.

You can also order your tripod with mud feet for soft ground. The mud feet have integral spikes to entrench the legs firmly and a wide flange to prevent the legs from sinking into the ground. For maximum flexibility on all surfaces, order both types of tripod feet.


Spanco Industrial Tripod Cranes provide mobile, heavy-lifting solutions almost anywhere, including tight spaces and outdoor locations without overhead structures, cranes, or forklift access.

For fast height adjustment, the tripod’s telescoping legs are independently adjustable in 6-inch increments, which is also ideal for set-up on uneven surfaces. The tripod’s free swiveling eyebolt hangs plumb to protect the tripod head from twists and strains while keeping the lifting device plumb.


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