Shipyard / Upset Welding Hooks

Hooks with 10% Greater Strength


  • Available in YA & YIII Series
  • Capacities 0.8t, 1t, 1.6t, and 3.2t
  • High Stiffness on Top and Bottom Hooks: The hooks have been made stiffer by thoroughly quenching during production. The value of permanent deformation of the breaking load point is now 10% higher than our original hooks.
  • Equipped with Overload Protection (YIIIS Series): The overload protection device of the YIIIS and the durable point load hooks help to prevent damage to the hoist, as well as injury to personnel.
  • Reducing Maintenance Cost (YIIIS Series): The Overload Protection Device of the YIIIS and the durable point load hooks help to prevent damages that a normal hoist without overload protection would endure, thus reducing annual repair cost.
  • Three Protrusions on the Hooks: The shipyard hook has protrusions on each side of the hook to help prevent a load from slipping off. The protrusions also help to measure the distance of the hook’s opening.
  • Uses: Shipyards, Fabrication Facilities, Upset Welding, Pulling Angle Iron, and other Industrial Applications


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