Vertical Ladder Cable Lifeline Systems

The KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest System is a safe and secure way to arrest falls when working at height. Our fall protection ladder system consists of lightweight, high-quality materials that are easy to handle and install. This listing ships as a kit for a single, fast delivery and includes the components you need to get started, including:

  • Stainless steel cable (to suit height required)
  • Ladder mounting bracket system
  • Tensioner device
  • Termination device
  • Cable guides (for heights over 26 ft.)

Although not included, the following items will be required to complete your ladder arrest system:

  • Traveler Device
  • Full Body Harness with Front D-Ring


Safe access to platforms and rooftops depends on the quality and durability of the ladders, along with the ladder personal fall arrest system in place.

OSHA-compliant construction: Where application heights exceed 24 feet, a form of fall protection is required. Our fall arrest systems are compliant with modern OSHA fall arrest system requirements to give you and your crew peace of mind.
Hands-free fall protection: Featuring secure attachments and brackets, the KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest System provides continuous, hands-free fall protection to reduce injury, uninhibited free fall and lost time due to accidents.
Simple installation: Easily install this system on KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders or retrofit them onto most existing OSHA compliant fixed ladders.
Liability reduction: Our ladder fall protection systems reduce the risk of injury and damage to property by limiting fall distance while ensuring you remain up to code.


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