Construction Hoists, Winches & Trolleys

  • Air chain hoists provide a safer and more convenient solution for lifting and moving heavy loads, particularly in environments that are flammable, dusty, or dirty. These hoists operate without electricity, eliminating the risk of electrical arcing and potential explosions. In areas where hazardous substances are present, such as paint booths and petrochemical facilities, it is recommended to use a spark-resistant model. Air chain hoists are specifically designed for heavy industrial lifting tasks, offering exceptional load control through pilot air and spring-loaded vanes. Despite their robust capabilities, these hoists maintain a compact and lightweight design, making them suitable for various job requirements. Rest assured, you will find the ideal air chain hoist to meet your specific needs.
  • Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists are the ideal, durable tools for a variety of utility applications, including overhead or underground maintenance and construction tasks. These hoists are particularly useful for installing heavy equipment. The inclusion of a pulley block allows for flexible configurations to suit specific application needs, while their compact design enables usage in tight spaces. Additionally, multiple hoists can be connected together to facilitate the movement of heavy components over long distances. Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists boast an aluminum alloy main frame with an open construction, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the hoists are equipped with safety features that allow the cable to bend or break away in the event of overloading, providing protection for both the user and the equipment.
  • A high-performance electric chain hoist presents a cost-effective solution for lifting applications that require secure load engagement at multiple lift points. For smaller machine shops and mechanics, a single-phase chain hoist or rope hoist can be conveniently plugged into standard electrical outlets. In contrast, larger industrial operations typically utilize three-phase electric hoists capable of handling heavy loads on a daily basis. With a diverse range of models available, including single or double speed options, you can be confident that we have the perfect hoist to meet your specific requirements. H2 hoists are suitable for light machine shop fabricating, service, and maintenance tasks, while H3 hoists are ideal for general machine shop fabricating, assembly, storage, and warehousing. For high-volume handling in steel warehouses, machine shops, fabricating plants, mills, and foundries,  H4 model hoists excel. They are also well-suited for manual or automatic cycling operations in heat treating and plating.
  • Heavy-duty electric winches are the perfect solution for power and precision on any work site. With the ability to lift, pull, or position loads up to 100,000 pounds, these versatile tools offer ultimate control and efficiency. Designed with features like welded steel drums, flange-style roller bearings, and load holding motor disc brakes, electric winches ensure secure load control and reduced maintenance requirements. Electric winches provide the power and precision required for demanding tasks, with high load capacities and the ability to handle large loads economically. You can rely on their durable construction and consistent performance, thanks to features like enclosed direct-drive gearing that reduces maintenance needs. Furthermore, electric winches offer flexibility and customization options, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your budget and specific needs. Experience the benefits of secure load control, reduced maintenance costs, and optimal operation with a dependable electric winch.
  • Hand chain hoists are a reliable solution for lifting and maneuvering heavy loads in various industries such as construction and manufacturing. These chain hoists, also known as chain falls, are designed for portability and durability, offering exceptional strength with their rugged die-cast aluminum bodies. With a range of models available, our hoists provide low headroom and lightweight design for ease of use, making them suitable for different applications and environments. These chain hoists are built to withstand demanding industrial applications, offering heavy-duty construction that can handle frequent and rugged use. They are designed to be easily maintained and repairable, ensuring long-lasting performance. The hoists are equipped with slip clutch devices, preventing the lifting of loads beyond their rated capacity and safeguarding against potential damage. Load limiters and overload protection further enhance safety by preventing the hoists from being used to lift damaging loads beyond their capacity. With their compact and portable design, these hoists are versatile and easy to transport, install, and store.
  • When it comes to efficiently lifting, lowering, or positioning heavy loads, we offer a wide range of dependable hand crank winches. Manual hand winches, including heavy-duty and portable options, are designed to enhance your productivity and ensure reliable performance in various applications. Hand winches are built to withstand demanding environments and deliver lasting functionality. You have a variety of options to choose from, offering capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lbs. Some of our models prioritize faster lifting speed, requiring more force, and feature machine-cut spur gears for long-lasting service and customization to meet your specific needs in manual pulling, hoisting, or lowering tasks. Other models that operate at a slower speed but require less force. These winches are designed for smooth and efficient operations, with multiple configurations and performance ratings available. These winches provide superior load-holding power, ensuring accurate positioning and secure control of heavy loads.
  • Experience the dependability and strength of Lever Chain Hoists. Crafted with robust steel chains and cushioned handles, these hoists ensure comfortable operation and long-lasting performance. Whether you need to position your loads precisely or quickly take up chain slack, the double-disc, screw-and-disc, and Weston brake types offer efficient load control. Safety is paramount with the inclusion of forged hooks featuring safety latches and swivels. With an extensive selection to choose from, we have the ideal Lever Chain Hoist in terms of type, size, and load capacity to streamline your lifting tasks.
  • Experience the power and reliability of Electric Motorized Trolley Chain Hoists. These hoists are designed to handle heavy loads with ease, making them a cost-effective solution for lifting applications in various settings. Crafted with durable materials and equipped with advanced features, these hoists ensure smooth operation and precise load control. The motorized trolleys ride along cast-iron guides, providing stability and minimizing friction. With drop stops, rubber bumpers, and ball-bearing-supported rollers, these hoists offer enhanced safety and reduced wear. Suitable for high-volume handling in steel warehouses, machine shops, fabricating plants, mills, and foundries, these Electric Motorized Trolley Chain Hoists deliver exceptional performance day in and day out. Upgrade your lifting operations with these high-performance Electric Motorized Trolley Chain Hoists. Perfect for a wide range of industries, these hoists provide the strength, reliability, and safety you need to tackle heavy loads efficiently.
  • Experience the versatility and reliability of Push-Pull Trolleys, designed to meet your industrial lifting needs. Whether you require a universal beam trolley, quick install type trolley, or low headroom trolley, these trolleys offer exceptional performance in a variety of applications. With a focus on secure load support and smooth operation, Push-Pull Trolleys are built to fit different beam heights and flange widths. With load capacities ranging from 0.175 to 8 tons, you can confidently handle a wide range of lifting requirements. Consider key specifications such as minimum radius, wheel tread diameter, headroom to bail, and headroom to shaft measurements to ensure optimal performance in your specific lifting tasks. Discover the strength and flexibility of Push-Pull Trolleys for your industrial lifting operations. These reliable trolleys deliver secure load support and smooth operation, enabling you to handle various lifting tasks with ease. Choose Push-Pull Trolleys for efficient and dependable hoisting in a wide range of industrial settings.
  • Experience the power and reliability of Wire Rope Hoists, designed to meet the challenges of your everyday business operations. These hoists feature a large drum diameter that enables near true vertical lift and a frame design that allows for close approaches. With capacities ranging from 0.5 to 80 tons and lifting distances from 13 to 320 ft, the Wire Rope Hoists offers exceptional performance. They come in standard electric configurations, including normal headroom, low headroom, and double girder models. Designed to maximize operational efficiency, Wire Rope Hoists are ideal for various applications across industries. These hoists offer easy operation with excellent headroom, minimized hook drift, and increased end approaches. Additionally, the innovative gear case design reduces stress on drum bearings, resulting in lower maintenance needs and extended equipment lifespan. Trust in the reliability and performance of Wire Rope Hoists for your lifting requirements.


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