Clew Winches

Elevate stage management and functionality with a selection of manual or powered clew winches, tailored for precise handling of lights, scenery, curtains, and other multi-line loads. These winches are capable of lifting up to 2,500 lbs to heights of up to 40 feet, featuring integrated brakes and lock mechanisms to ensure safety and control in a compact design. The powered models add further convenience with secondary brakes, rotary limit switches, and straightforward push-button operations.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into any theatrical rigging system, these clew winches offer a combination of robust performance and ease of use. Their modular design provides the flexibility to choose specific components that meet the unique demands of different staging environments. Constructed from durable, heavy-duty materials, these winches are built to last and come with features that promote long service life and reliability.



Highlighted Features:

  • Capacity options to accommodate various load requirements.
  • Manual and motorized versions to match operational needs.
  • Advanced safety features, including internal brakes and redundancy in haul lines.
  • Grooved drums that prolong wire rope life and enhance performance.
  • Easy installation with adjustable guide bars, shaft collars, and versatile mounting options.


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