• Capacities: up to 2 tons
  • Travel Speeds: two-speed: 25/50 FPM; the inverter can be adjusted to provide speeds up to 100 FPM
  • Track Compatibility: Compatible with Spanco Enclosed Track only
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Spanco Enclosed Track Tractor Drives can be installed on workstation bridge cranes and monorail cranes to motorize trolley travel, bridge travel, or both bridge and trolley travel. The new and improved design features a number of upgrades, including a direct drive shaft, naturally weight balanced without the need for counterweights, and improved headroom.

The use of a tractor drive is ideal for applications where it is difficult or impossible to move. These applications can include heavy or awkward loads, systems that operate over long distancing or at high cycle times, or situations where workers cannot physically reach the load to move it manually. A Spanco Tractor Drive can improve material handling processes for many applications where manual operation just doesn’t work.


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