Gantry Cranes

We have thousands of pre-engineered overhead cranes, all of which can be fully customized to meet the needs of your specific application. Our certified engineers enjoy the challenge of creating custom systems for unique applications. All cranes come with the best warranties in the industry.

  • Features of Spanco T-Series Gantry Cranes

    • Superior Stability: Engineered design leaves I-beam free to pivot as it self-centers over the load. The “true A-frame” design helps to maintain greater stability, virtually eliminating the swaying motion common to other 3-way adjustable gantry designs. Main legs, brace legs, and caster frames are made of heavy-gauge, square tubing with zinc-plated hardware.
    • Adjustable Span: Exclusive Spanloc™ design securely holds the I-beam during adjustments and when set.
    • Cantilever Options: Deliver materials through end of gantry; cantilever up to 25 percent of the rated capacity (4-foot max.) using a counterweight.
    • Adjustable Height: Adjust in 6-inch intervals using push/pull pins on main legs.
    • Adjustable Tread: A cable assembly is bolted inside the caster frame tubes to prevent overspreading.
    • Heavy-Duty Casters: Four position, swivel-lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels protect floors from damage.

    Common Uses

    Spanco is proud to serve customers in various industries, such as Space Exploration Technologies or SpaceX. SpaceX designs rockets and spacecraft and manufactures over half of its vehicles in-house. Their facility contains several work areas, including fabrication, machining, construction, and assembly cells. Workers at the facility needed a material handling solution to move heavy loads throughout their facility with increased accuracy and precision. That solution came in the form of a two-ton Spanco T-Series Gantry Crane. The T-Series Gantry Crane also provides greater adjustability to meet the rapidly changing size requirements within the SpaceX facility. Investing in a T-Series Gantry Crane allows SpaceX to improve production time and processing. By implementing the T-Series Gantry Crane, SpaceX could combine flexibility and precision while maintaining lift and cost-efficiency.
  • These Spanco All-Aluminum Gantries quickly assemble and disassemble, making them popular with contractors who need highly mobile lift equipment that they can take in their service trucks. Just one or two workers can typically move a disassembled crane up stairways, onto roofs, or in other challenging locations. When on location, the gantry cranes are rapidly assembled, ready to lift, and able to position heavy objects precisely, such as bulky HVAC units. Because they are corrosion resistant, aluminum gantries are also ideal for refrigerated areas and other controlled environments, making them increasingly popular with HVAC contractors.  


    • Crane Height Adjustments: Adjusting in 6-inch increments, height adjustment kits use spring-loaded steel locking pins that automatically engage when height positioning holes are reached; adjust heights for specific lifts, uneven floors, or to move through doorways.
    • Adjustable Spans: Standard on aluminum cranes, adjustable spans are optional on steel cranes; adjustable spans allow the crane to be shortened for transport down narrow aisles.
    • Heavy-Duty Casters: Four-position, swivel-lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels provide excellent floor protection.

    Common Product Uses

    At Spanco, we are proud to serve customers in diverse industries. The Spanco A-Series Aluminum Gantry Crane is one of the most versatile models we produce and has some of the most unique applications of all Spanco systems. Some of the many ways customers have used our portable gantry cranes include:
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET): To preserve and document an extensive collection of Islamic rugs, the Metropolitan Museum of Art needed a lightweight material handling system that could assist with photographing detailed sections. They purchased a Spanco Aluminum Gantry Crane, which allowed them to create a digital archive while preserving the rugs’ integrity.
    • HVAC company: An Indiana-based HVAC company needed a material lifting solution that could be used at multiple job sites for commercial and residential clients. Multiple one and two-ton Spanco Aluminum Gantry Cranes provided lightweight and portable solution they needed to move air conditioners and other heavy HVAC units on the job.
    • Automotive Garage: Since Extreme Performance and Off-Road is a custom car garage, its mechanics often remove or replace engines with a two-ton engine hoist. A Spanco Aluminum Gantry Crane allowed the team to improve efficiency for a variety of tasks and provide higher-quality services.
  • E-Series stands for Economical, but don’t be confused. These gantries are heavy-duty, industrial-grade cranes designed for long service life.
    • Strong: made from high-strength square mechanical tubing
    • Stable: fully-braced uprights for solid I-beam positioning
    • Portable: equipped with swivel casters with durable moldon polyurethane wheels for easy rolling and excellent floor protection
    Spanco E-Series Gantry Cranes are not recommended for use with motor-driven hoist trolleys. Our E-Series gantry cranes are manually propelled. For motorized gantry travel options, please see our Spanco PF Series.
  • Spanco PF-Series Gantry Cranes offer high capacity, high height, long span, and economical lifting solutions.
    These strong, portal frame (PF) cranes can be ideal if:
    • Your building can’t support freestanding cranes or ceiling-mounted cranes; PF-Gantry Cranes are self-supporting and travel directly on the floor
    • Your lifting volume is moderate and can’t justify more expensive, permanently installed cranes
    • You need an economical, versatile lifting system to supplement your existing overhead cranes
    • You rent your facility; these gantries can be relocated in the future
    • Your plant has been “making do” with multiple forklifts; coordinating too many lifts, especially on heavy or very long loads, is unsafe, inefficient, and time consuming
    • Can’t fit a double leg PF crane into your plant due to narrow bays or crowded machinery? Check out our Spanco Single Leg Gantry Cranes.
    *For custom designs above and beyond the listed limitations, contact Spanco.
  • Excellent Alternative to Expensive Overhead Cranes

    Spanco Semi Gantry Cranes offer high capacity, high height, economical lifting solutions when:
    • Your plant has been “making do” with multiple forklifts; coordinating too many lifts, especially on heavy or very long loads, is unsafe, inefficient, and time consuming
    • Your lifting volume is moderate and can’t justify more expensive, permanently installed cranes
    • You need an economical, versatile lifting system to supplement your existing overhead cranes
    Our single leg crane (also known as a “semi gantry”) maximizes your space utilization. One leg end moves over the floor on wheels while the other end runs overhead on a wall-mounted I-beam using one of two end truck designs:
    Top-Running End Truck: The end of the gantry’s I-beam mounts onto an end truck that travels on the top side of an overhead runway beam


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