The power drive kit includes: Two drives with drive wheels and sprockets; chains; two gear reducers; two single-speed, 230/460V, three-phase, TEFC motors; solid state, adjustable “soft start”; and two idler assemblies. Standard travel speed is 50 FPM.

  • V-Groove Track Drives: Two motors drive rigid steel V-groove wheels along a fixed path
  • Guide Angle Drives: Ideal for installations where the gantry runs along a wall, two motors drive polyurethane wheels that are guided on one side by a guide angle (locally sourced). The guide angle lags into the floor, typically at the base of a wall. The kit includes guide rollers on one drive and one idler assembly. Both drives and idlers come with polyurethane bumpers.
  • Truly Trackless (Aligning) Drives: Ideal when you need to keep your shop floor clear of any tracks or angle guides, a selector switch on the control pendant selectively turns each motor on and off to guide the gantry along
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Spanco Power Drive Kits for our PF-Series Gantry Cranes allow high-volume high-capacity gantry travel along V-groove tracks, guide angles, crane rail, or truly trackless paths.


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